Dental anxiety

Fear of the dentist

Children can be afraid of the dentist for various reasons. This may include:

  • Fear of pain: Children may associate dental treatment with pain, which can lead to anxiety and fear.
  • Fear of the unknown: Children may not know what to expect during a dental visit, which can make them feel anxious and uncertain.
  • Fear of losing control: Sitting still and having someone work on their teeth can be uncomfortable for some children, especially if they feel like they have no control over the situation.
  • Previous negative experiences: If a child has had a negative dental experience in the past, it can make them fearful of future visits.
  • Fear of the tools and equipment: Some children may be intimidated by the dental instruments and equipment, which can appear sharp and scary.
  • Children can also be anxious as a result of their parents’ fear of the dentist or because they have heard stories from others about negative experiences at the dentist.

At Tandenfeest -dental practice for children, we understand that dental anxiety is common among children. Our team has extensive experience in working with children

Dental anxiety
  • Start talking about dental visits early on, ideally before their first visit.
  • Keep it positive and emphasize that the dentist is there to help keep their teeth healthy.
  • Use calming language and avoid phrases that may make the child anxious or scared, such as “it won’t hurt” or “don’t be afraid.”
  • Keep explanations simple and age-appropriate, and encourage the child to ask questions.
  • Consider using books, or other resources to help explain what happens during a dental visit.
  • You may also consider to say that your child may be allowed to sit on that chair for a while. Tell them that we are also going to take a look in his or her mouth, just like with yourself. Stimulate curiosity.

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